Birth Control Pills- ENSANE ON ENSKYCE™

Birth Control Pills- ENSANE ON ENSKYCE™

I knew that IVF would be quite the challenge,  but what I hadn't counted on is the challenge of taking bcp's for two months prior to the real deal stims that kick off the cycle. No one ever talks about this part of IVF! The first month caught me by surprise and I hope to be better prepared for the next month as I take my first pill again tomorrow am. 

Hobbies before birth control:

1.    Gym

2.    Cooking

3.    Being social

4.    Cycling (to wineries, but still cycling)

5.    Quality time with my precious 14 year old dogter (pictured above)

Hobbies after birth control:

1.    Crying

2.    Watching animal videos (mostly puppies and kittens) and crying

3.    Watching soldiers returning from war to their families videos and crying

4.    Making the room I am in as dark as possible and laying flat on my back and staring at the ceiling . . . and crying

5.    Hugging my 14 year old dogter (this remains the same as before)

***BONUS HOBBIES***  Chips (sour cream and onion) and wearing a bathrobe 100% of the time I'm not working- including sleep

Any other BB’s out there struggle with bcp before stims? I’ve heard from others that they actually preferred stims/SHOTS over the pill due to how terrible the bcp made them feel. Also, IT'S JUST BIRTH CONTROL, so I really can't feel all that bad for myself about it. 15 year old girls take it as do the vast majority of females in their twenties. I've shamefully resorted to calling them my "fertility meds" (mostly to hot nuts and dogter as they are really the only people I've willingly talked to the past few weeks) because "birth control pills" really just doesn't do justice to how I feel when taking them. 

Last month was Christmas, and, between you and I, I did spend a lot of my free time feeling sorry for myself that we were having another childless holiday season (while also watching puppy videos). Hot Nuts and our precious dog have brought me so much comfort and support during this time. We are now on Day 7 of the Whole 30 diet and feeling great, which I hope to continue through retrieval and transfer. I need to give myself every possible tool I could need to feel healthy and strong while battling these devilish pills. 

BB’s- are you on the pill? How do you handle the stress of it all? Do you have a favorite puppy video to share to help get me through the next 21 days of bcp?



Saline SonoWTF- getting diagnostically fit for IVF duty

Saline SonoWTF- getting diagnostically fit for IVF duty

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Listen breeders: THINK before you DINK